Ethical Considerations for Applied PsiwithMark Boccuzzi

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Mark Boccuzzi works at the intersection of applied parapsychology, cutting-edge technology, and interactive media. His goal is to normalize, optimize, and utilize psi experiences and abilities to create a more compassionate, sustainable, and interconnected world. He is the co-founder of the Windbridge Institute, which is dedicated to studying the non-local nature of consciousness. He is author of Beyond the Physical: Ethical Considerations for Applied Psychic and Afterlife Science.

Here he maintains that, as parapsychology gains greater scientific acceptance, the time as come to bring ethical considerations to the forefront.

00:00 Introduction

09:14 Windbridge Institute

15:34 Applied psi

25:17 Psychic attack

31:35 Basis of ethics

38:14 What’s missing?

43:03 Acceptance of psi

46:42 Artificial Intelligence

55:47 Conclusion

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(Recorded on May 20, 2023)

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Published on June 5, 2023


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