Entheogen Mind and BeyondwithJames Guy

Books Mentioned In This Interview

James Guy is author of What Always Comes to Mind: A Visualist’s Guide to a Metaspheric Perspective on Reality and Metasphere: The Altered State of Word. He is also the graphic designer of the animated video, Metasphere: The Altered State of Heart.

Here he describes his experiences in the 1960s visiting the Castalia Foundation in Millbrook, New York, and eventually having a single LSD experience that inspired a lifelong quest. Over the decades, he also experienced various forms of subtle energy in his body that fit the classical descriptions of kundalini. These led him to participate in the Dawn Horse spiritual community for many years. The interview features a short excerpt of his animated video along with a discussion of chakras, subtle energies, and metaphysics.

(Recorded on January 8, 2017)

Published on January 29, 2017


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