EEG During Energy Healing | Juan Acosta-Urquidi

EEG Alpha Spectral Power is Augmented During Energy Healing

Juan Acosta-Urquidi

This study provides objective scientific data that Energy Healers can shift brain states when engaged in healing. A broad sample of practitioners from many traditions were voluntarily recruited for this study, including Reiki, Pranic, Johrei, Faith Healing, Shamanic, Vedic, Quantum Touch, and Deeksha. A partial report has been previously communicated (J. Acosta- Urquidi, AAPB, 2009; ISSSEEM, 2010).

EEG data was recorded using Lexicor NRS-24 and Mitsar 201 amplifiers (St. Petersburg, Russia), employing 19-channel electrocap, referential linked ears, impedances ca. 5 KOhms, 250 samples/sec. Data from N = 20 healers (8 male, 12 female, age 40–65) were analyzed using Neuroguide software ( Peak Absolute FFT spectral power values (uV2) were compared before (baseline resting eyes closed, EC) and during eyes closed healing state (HS). Data were statistically analyzed (paired correlated samples t-test). Healers were recorded under two conditions: with client present in the room (some healers preferred light touching of client), and distant healing (working with a distant client).

During the healing state (HS), healers shifted brain states across all frequency bands: Delta (0.3–4 Hz), Theta (4–8 Hz), Alpha (8–12 Hz) and Beta (13–40 Hz). However, the most consistent and reproducible result, found in 90% of the healers sample studied, was a statistically significant robust increase in global Alpha spectral power (mean % increase 109.5 ± 16.34). Clients receiving a healing also exhibited highly significant increased Alpha power (mean % increase 105.17 ± 26.17). In recent tests with a gifted healer, we demonstrated robust EEG effects, recorded from two clients, who received a distant healing (Seattle, WA, to Santa Cruz, CA). This is a demonstration of non-locality in the domain of energy healing. The unexpected finding that different healing traditions all share a common increase in Alpha power during HS is discussed.

It is emphasized that these studies measured shifts in EEG brain states; no claims as to the efficacy of the healing were investigated. Different topographic brainmaps showing that Alpha relative (and absolute) power is selectively increased in a Deeksha healer during on-site healing will be shown demonstrating the effect.

Recorded at the 31st annual SSE Conference in 2012 at the Millennium Hotel in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

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Published on November 14, 2018