Divinity Through DetachmentwithRJ Spina

Books Mentioned In This Interview

RJ Spina is author of Supercharged Self-Healing: A Revolution Guide to Access High-Frequency States of Consciousness that Rejuvinate and Repair. You can watch his short video documenting how he healed himself after a diagnosis of permanent paraplegia. See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crV8Z6eOIdw His website is www.ascendthe frequencies.com.

Here he maintains that detachment from body-mind identity is the core principle behind his teachings. When we can let go of who we think we are, we get in touch with our true Self. People are often afraid they will lose something of value if they become detached. However, RJ claims that, when properly understood, we only gain through being detached. He shares how important this was in his own remarkable healing. He offers several “shortcuts” for achieving detachment.

(Recorded on March 19, 2022)

Published on April 1, 2022


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