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What is Discordianism?

Discordian magic, practices, beliefs, Eris. Principia Discordia and Magick.

00:00 Intro – Essi Makela

02:52 Overview of Discordianism

06:40 A different Religiosity

08:00 Eris & Cosmology in Discordianism

12:31 Organization and Practice in Discordianism

16:17 Places of Worship

17:08 Practices of Discordians

21:16 Chaos Magick & Discordianism

25:00 View of Life for Discordians

27:47 Is Discordianism a form of Paganism?

33:11 Is Discordianism a Religion

41:50 Magic in Discordianism

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Published on November 22, 2020