Could Neutrinos Play a Part in Quantum Biology?

Could Neutrinos Play a Part in Quantum Biology?

Debra Overberg

Debra’s fascination with neutrinos began at Colorado University Boulder. As an electrical engineer at Hewlett-Packard, she trained engineers throughout the world in microwave and photonic instrumentation.  Now she is training others to use their body as an instrument of consciousness and transmutational energy.  As a massage therapist and energy medicine practitioner, Deb invokes invisible light to heal and re-pattern the biofield.  She is studying at Energy Medicine University in biology, Vedic consciousness, and ancient healing practices. She has studied with Dominique Surel, James Oschman, Mali Burgess, and Beverly Rubik, and now studies with Cyndi Dale. She is currently exploring neutrinos, quantum biology, and prana/chi.

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Published on February 7, 2024