Corroboration among Clairvoyant “Seers” During Reiki Energy Medicine Sessions | Helané Wahbeh

Introduction: Reiki is a type of energy medicine with growing evidence for its benefit for various conditions and populations. The “energy” in energy medicine implies a life force rather than a conventional physics definition, and many people feel they can perceive this energy through extended perception beyond their traditional five senses.

Methods: This study evaluated clairvoyant perception during Reiki energy medicine sessions. Six expert Reiki Masters gave 30-minute sessions to 40 participants. Participants had one or more of the following conditions: acute physical injury (such as broken bone), mental impairment (memory issues), and psychological symptoms (anxiety and/or depression). Six people vetted for clairvoyant perception made observations before, during, and after sessions using quantitative and qualitative measures. Participants and Reiki Masters also recorded their observations. Data were analyzed for corroboration: 1) within-seers, 2) between the Reiki Master and seers, 3) between the participant and Reiki Master, and 4) between the participant and seers. Participants’ well-being outcomes and potential predictors were also evaluated.

Discussion: Participants’ well-being improved from a 30-minute Reiki session, maintaining improvements one week later. There was evidence from multiple data and analyses that seers observe similar information during Reiki sessions. Furthermore, there was correspondence between the seers’ observations of the participants’ health condition and participants’ self-reported health. Future studies are needed to refine the methods developed here to continue the exploration of extended perception, including its validity and its practical application in healthcare.Support the Society’s commitment to maintain an open professional forum for researchers at the edge of conventional science:

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Published on December 12, 2023