Cold Fusion and BSM–Supergravitation Unified Theory | Stoyan Sarg

Theoretical Feasibility of Cold Fusion According to the BSM–Supergravitation Unified Theory

Stoyan Sarg

Advances in the field of cold fusion or LENR in which the energy release cannot be explained by a chemical process need a deeper understanding of the nuclear reactions and, more particularly, the possibility for modification of the Coulomb barrier. The current theoretical understanding based on high temperature fusion does not envision such a possibility. The treatise Basic Structures of Matter–Supergravitation Unified Theory is based on an original model of the physical vacuum containing underlying superfine material structure with node elements held by Supergravitational (SG) forces that are inversely proportional to a cube of the distance. At distances below 1 angstrom, the SG forces appear as strong nuclear forces, while at larger distances they conform to Newtonian gravity.

Amongst the major outcomes are the revealed material structures and shape of the stable elementary particles that build the atomic nuclei. The protons and neutrons are not spherical but have the shape of a twisted and folded torus, respectively. Held by the strong nuclear forces, they form atomic nuclei as fractal three-dimensional structures. Such nuclear models exhibit an excellent match to the pattern of the Periodic Table, showing signatures of valences, the Pauli Exclusion Principle, and angular restrictions of the chemical bonds. The Coulomb barrier for these models does not converge to the small size predicted by the Bohr nuclear model, so it is not so strong. It depends on nuclear orientation and it could be modified by some technical methods. The analysis of some successful cold fusion experiments resulted in practical considerations for modification of the Coulomb barrier.

Recorded at the 31st annual SSE Conference in 2012 at the Millennium Hotel in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

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Published on November 14, 2018