CLASSIC REBOOT: Universal Patterns in NaturewithJude Currivan

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Jude Currivan, PhD, is a cosmologist and author of The Cosmic Hologram: In-Formation at the Center of Creation, CosMos (with Irvin Laszlo), The Eighth Chakra, The Wave, and The Thirteenth Step. Her newest book is The Story of Gaia.

In this video from 2017, she notes that certain mathematical patterns are expressed throughout nature. For example, the way that galaxies evolve from variations in matter density in the early universe is equivalent to the way cities grow from changes in population density. The frequency and strength of earthquakes is mathematically similar to the frequency and strength of armed conflicts. She maintains that this information can be used, positively, to create situations that attract peaceful resolutions.

(Recorded on October 27, 2017)

Published on November 14, 2022


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