Dr Jonathon O’Donnell tackles Demons in Christianity, Pentecostal and Charismatic Christians:

00:00 Intro

01:50 Demonology in its early days and developments

03:47 Etymology of the word Demon

05:10 Demons fought in the wilderness and in the cities

07:45 When did the fascination and study of Demons start?

09:15 Demons and Witch Hunts

10:40 Demons seen as defeated (not a threat) after the conversion of the Roman empire

12:39 From the 12th and 13th Century Demons, ‘evil’ and demons grow in popularity

16:35 Witchcraft becomes a social threat

18:45 Witches as Demon worshippers

19:10 Core Elements of Demonology

19:22 Demons are not creators but co-opters of Divine Power

20:02 The Demonic Pact

20:48 The use of Sacraments and Black Mass

21:24 Natural Magic versus Witchcraft (as Demonic magic)

22:28 Witch Hunts in Europe

23:00 Modernity and the perception of Witchcraft

25:32 The Diabolic/Demonic Pact was modelled on Feudal oaths and systems of power

27:19 State Sovereignty, Political Philosophy and Witchcraft

29:20 Demonology fallen out of fashion through modernity?

32:43 The Rationalisation of Demons and the Devil

33:10 From Demons/Satan to de-personified Evil

34:19 Secularisation or Rationalisation of Demons?

34:56 Survival and Renaissance of Demonology in the Contemporary world

36:29 Conspiracy Theories and Demonology

37:34 Movies and Pop Culture popularised Demons

39:00 Two Contemporary Views of Demons

40:33 Contemporary Satanism

44:05 American Culture and the rise of Demonology (Pentecostal and Charismatic Churches)



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Published on June 20, 2020