Carl Jung and Karl MarxwithJames P. Driscoll

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James P. Driscoll is, perhaps, the foremost interpreter of renaissance literature from a Jungian perspective. He is author of Identity in Shakespearean Drama, The Unfolding God of Jung and Milton, Shakespeare and Jung: The God in Time, Shakespeare’s Identities, Jung’s Cartography of the Psyche, and Carl vs Karl: Jung and Marx, Two Icons for Our Age.

Here he notes that Jung and Marx are iconic figures because they embody two significant and opposing trends in western culture. Marx focused almost exclusively on the problem of a just society, and almost totally ignored individual wholeness and psychic growth. Jung focused entirely on the process of personal individuation, and paid almost no attention to problems of social justice. Both men rebelled against conventional religion, however their rebellions took them in different directions. In Marxist thought, the party becomes a substitute for the church. In Jungian thought, depth psychology is often used as a substitute for religion.

(Recorded on October 18, 2022)

Published on November 2, 2022


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