Can Healing be Reverse Engineered and Made Practical and Scalable? | Bill Bengston

Can Healing be Reverse Engineered and Made Practical and Scalable?

Bill Bengston & Sarah Beseme

In many in vivo and in vitro experiments over the course of 35 years, robust and reliable data demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that “healing” can happen, that dose is a factor, that healing proceeds non-linearly, that it is not fundamentally “energy” but “information” that is at work, that it is not correlated to a particular state of mind but functions more as an autonomic response to the need of the healee, to name but a few findings. And while the list of basic research questions regarding anomalous healing remains inexhaustible, current research also includes the question of whether the healing effect can be “captured” and “reproduced” without the healer. In other words, can we store and independently deliver healing in a practical fashion? Selected current research on whether biological systems can recognize “stored” healing will be presented, along with work designed to test whether “recordings” of healing potential can bring about healing outcomes.

Sarah Beseme discusses the effect of audio recordings of energy healing activity on cancer cells. Recordings were played to the cells from 30 min to 2 days and genomics studies were performed to identify genes that are affected by the recordings. The focus was on genes involved in cancer pathways or in cancer inflammation. Results to date indicate the possibility that the recordings may have an effect on genes involved in apoptosis, which is the process of programmed and controlled cell death that occurs naturally. In addition, the telomere shortening pathway could be involved. Shortening of telomeres, short sequences of DNA located at the extremity of our chromosomes, is associated with aging and aging-related diseases.


Bill Bengston is the SSE President.

Sarah Beseme, Ph.D. is principal scientist at Beech Tree Labs, Inc. As a scientist specialized in molecular and cell biology, her research focuses on the development of therapeutics for the treatment of various diseases, from traumatic brain injury to tissue repair. Beech Tree Labs has established long term collaboration with Bill Bengston to dissect and understand energy healing, with the ultimate goal to make it accessible to everyone.

Recorded at the Society for Scientific Exploration conference at Yale University in 2017

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Published on December 21, 2018