Bill Bengston | Is There any Energy in “Energy Healing”?

It is becoming intellectually permissible to welcome “post-materialism” as an emerging model of how the world works. The materialist model upon which much of western science is based assumes that the physical world consists of matter and energy, and exists independently of any conscious awareness of it. Matter and energy have evolved through law-like processes to somehow (mysteriously) produce consciousness as an emergent property of that evolution.

In the materialist view of the world, physics begets chemistry, which begets biology, from which emerges mind and consciousness.

The relatively new “post-materialism” suggests that the old assumption of more complex emergent properties resulting from lower rungs in a hierarchy of organization is incomplete and of questionable order. Instead, “consciousness,” widely experienced but little understood, is the primary building block of nature. From this primacy of consciousness emerges the familiar hierarchy of knowledge.

It seems that looking at data from either a matter/energy materialist perspective or the post-materialist promotion of “consciousness” to primacy will not be sufficiently comprehensive to further consilience in understanding what we currently call anomalous healing. A more productive approach for consilience may be to emphasize “information” as the primary variable.


• There is a dose response to healing

• Healing does not diminish with distance (non-locality)

• The more aggressive the cancer, the quicker it will be cured

• The more mice in an experiment, the faster they collectively are cured (group bonding)

• Only when mice have cancer and are treated by healing will anomalous output be obtained when running either REGs or geomagnetic probes in the room

• The brains of the healer and the healee separated by some distance, exhibit something analogous to “phase locking” (non-local group bonding)

• Healing is an autonomic response to the need of the healee, and occurs without conscious awareness on the part of either the healer or the healee (conscious attention is unnecessary)

• Control mice can become part of the larger “resonant collective” of the experiment and be healed without overt treatment

• Healing can be “stored” in living mice, and in both organic and inorganic materials

• Healing can be “recorded” by devices of various construction, and those recordings will essentially reproduce the healing without any human intervention

Recorded at the Society for Scientific Exploration Conference in Broomfield, Colorado 2019.

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Published on November 22, 2019