Beyond Quantum: Consciousness in Action | Larissa Cheran

Beyond Quantum: Consciousness in Action

Larissa Cheran

University of Toronto

Science is unable to explain how mental processes such as creativity, intuition, insight, thinking, emotions and the feeling of being alive arise from electrochemical impulses firing along neural axons. Quantum physics cannot accommodate feelings in the symbols of its differential equations. Neuroscientists can see the activity in distinct areas of the brain, but how is this constructed and bound together in unitary experiences and feelings still remains elusive. How can the nonmaterial mind influence the material body? Is consciousness the substrate of both, conceiving, forming and becoming biology, so interaction happens naturally? It was said that the non-physical cannot be measured by employing physical instruments. However, experiments using high-frequency vibrational fields can detect the strong effects of human intention on populations of neuron cells grown to form a living neural network on the surface of a high- resolution sensing device. It is a perfectly measurable, quantifiable interaction.

Larissa-Emilia Cheran, PhD is a Senior Research Scientist at the University of Toronto, Canada. She has been working in the field of biomedical applications of microsystem technologies since 1990, with her early work focusing on the study of the bioelectronic interface in biosensors and bioelectrodes. She has since coordinated innovative biosensors research within an interdisciplinary group of medical researchers, physicians, neuroscientists, biologists, biophysicists, chemists, physicists, engineers and mathematicians, promoting an integral approach for the advanced scientific research in biology and medicine, and conducting experiments on living neuron networks cultured on microsensors surfaces in cooperation with neurologists and neuroscience researchers. Working with the Biosensors Group at the University of Toronto, she invented the Scanning Kelvin Nanoprobe, an extremely high resolution instrument measuring quantum properties of matter, which has permitted exploration of the influence of neurotrophic factors on the neural networks produced by biological neurons and has opened a revolutionary new research direction. Currentl interests include the study of biosensing techniques in monitoring stem cell differentiation for neurogenesis, neuroregeneration and brain repair applications, as well as the biophotonic properties of neuron cells in living retinal tissue. She is the author or coauthor of more than 70 papers, 2 patents and three books, and is particularly interested in the study of quantum biology, the science of consciousness, human psychology and behavior, art, music and culture, and in the integration of science and spirituality.

Recorded at the 30th annual SSE Conference in 2011 at the Millennium Harvest House in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

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Published on November 12, 2018