Battle Over UFO Secrecy: The Major Donald Keyhoe StorywithLinda Powell

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Linda Powell is author of Against the Odds: Major Donald E. Keyhoe and His Battle to End UFO Secrecy. Since 2015, she has been a news editor for The Anomalist.

Here she details the extraordinary career of the first person to devote himself to the project of making the public aware of the significance and the enormity of UFO sightings.

00:00:00 Introduction

00:03:53 Keyhoe’s background

00:11:25 UFO secrecy

00:18:05 National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena

00:22:43 Keyhoe’s courage

00:25:41 The contactees

00:39:07 NICAP’s files

00:45:29 Keyhoe’s departure from NICAP

00:48:47 Conflict with APRO

00:57:29 How much has changed?

01:04:26 Conclusion

(Recorded on February 14, 2024)

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Published on March 1, 2024


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