Barbara Dossey and Deva-Marie Beck – In Florence Nightingale’s Footsteps

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Originally broadcast live on May 12, 2020 – the 200th Anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth – this special webinar was a celebration by Barbara Dossey and Deva-Marie Beck of Nightingale’s visionary approach to global health and nursing.

In this webinar the pair explore the integrative, holistic and integral paradigm that Nightingale introduced in the 1860s and how it applies to the modern world.

From the webinar notes: “Modern nursing finds a proud heritage in its founder, Florence Nightingale. She was a mystic, visionary, reformer, healer, environmentalist, feminist, practitioner, scientist and politician. Her contribution to nursing theory, research, statistics, public health, and health care reform are foundational and inspirational; and her spiritual example prompts us in our own healing journey.”

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Published on October 29, 2022