Archetypal Synchronistic Resonance, Part One: A New Theory,withBrendan Engen

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Brendan Engen, PsyD, is a clinical psychologist based in Waycross, Georgia. He is co-author with Jeffrey Mishlove of a 2007 paper, published in the Journal of Humanistic Psychology, titled “Archetypal Synchronistic Resonance: A New Theory of Paranormal Experience”.

Here he notes that, from a psychological perspective, it is useful to have a theory of paranormal experience that is neither rigidly skeptical nor devoutly religious. This theory, tied to Jungian depth psychology, also avoids the theoretical baggage associated with an information transmission model such as extrasensory perception. Basic terms are defined. Engen and Mishlove then describe a series of unusual events that brought them together – starting with the identification, by a trance channel, that they had known each other in a previous incarnation in ancient Rome.

(Recorded on February 20, 2016)

Published on February 22, 2016


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