Aradia, Leland & the Gospel of the Witches – Academic Review of the sources

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During this episode, we will cover what academics have found and argued regarding the figure of Aradia in the Italian Folklore and discuss its relation to Wicca and contemporary Paganism.

The legend of Herodias, Erodiade, Diana as the Goddess of Witches and Lucifer.

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‘The Triumph of the Moon’ by Ronald Hutton

‘Aradia in Sardinia’ by Sabina Magliocco

‘Aradia, the Gospel of the Witches’ by Charles G. Leland (primary source)




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00:00:00 Introduction What this video is about Aradia, Leland, Gospel of the Witches

00:00:37 Greeting people in the chat

00:01:16 The concept of Aradia

00:02:22 The sources – Hutton & Magliocco

00:03:35 How the video will proceed

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00:04:34 The first reading from The Triumph of the Moon by Hutton

00:05:09 Leyland meets Maddalena

00:06:48 Margaret Murray and the old religion

00:09:01 Stregheria

00:10:18 Aradia the book

00:12:57 Aradia as a Christian figure

00:14:39 Claim that Aradia is of Semetic origins

00:14:55 Medieval and modern origins of the story

00:16:36 Lucifer

00:18:49 Diana mentioned in New Testament

00:20:03 The 3 main theories why Leland made these claims

00:25:18 Other theories

00:29:39 Elements of Italian folklore

00:32:22 Questions from the chat

00:35:13 The second reading from Sabina Magliocco’s Aradia in Sardinia

00:35:38 Who is Aradia?

00:41:29 The link to Herodias and Lilith

00:45:15 Sa Rejusta in Sardinian folklore

00:48:33 The Wild Hunt – Ladies of the Night

00:52:18 Questions from the chat

00:55:08 Diana mentioned in New Testament

00:57:07 Herodias in the Gospel of Matthew

00:59:28 Janas or fairies in Sardinia

01:07:01 19th C Herodias and Diana replaced – Aradia survives in Sardina

01:08:09 Dr Puca’s opinion

01:10:11 Questions from the chat

01:11:20 Third reading – The Gospel of the Witches Chapters

01:11:58 Dr Puca’s impression

01:14:24 The text that inspired The Charge of the Goddess

01:18:41 Dr Puca’s final thoughts

01:21:36 Questions from the chat and farewell

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Published on February 26, 2023