Anomalous Energies of Oak Island, Nova Scotia

Anomalous Energies of Oak Island, Nova Scotia

Timothy Loncarich

For 228 years, the mysterious Oak Island in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia has been the scene of a sustained treasure hunt and anomalous phenomenon. Apparitions, battery depletion and electronics malfunction, spirit attacks and energetic encounters, and luminous objects are experienced on the island on a regular basis. Only in the past ten years has the investigation of the mysterious island shifted to a more scientific approach.

Independently and under contract to the production company for the History TV series, The Curse of Oak Island, Tim Loncarich and his company, EarthSense, conducted energetic studies using magnetometers, gravimeters (capacitance), voltage meters, gamma spectrometer, and other instruments and sensors to measure energetic anomalies on the island. Dousing was used to identify major magnetic (ley) lines.

Unattended batteries were quickly depleted at some locations on the island but not at others. The magnetic strength of a megalithic arrangement of large boulders named Nolan’s Cross spikes during the overhead passage of the constellation Cygnus (which the cross resembles) and exhibited unusual magnetic and gravimetric activity during solstices. The center stone emits a magnetic heartbeat-like signature every 30-45 minutes. An energy vortex generates reversing telluric currents just before disabling electronic instruments. There are several locations where electronic instrumentation is mysteriously shut down but works fine a meter away.

Professional archaeological investigation on the island has uncovered European artifacts dating from as far back as 200 AD with indications of possible religious rituals performed at stone structures. Off-the-record evidence of a possible Aztec presence has also been detected. Stone walls that mix slate with granite appear to have an energetic function. A stone, gravel, and sand construction deep in a swamp also generates strong energetic anomalies.

The island appears to have some sort of sophisticated constructed energy system of unknown purpose that reacts to and may interact with astral bodies. Archaeological evidence suggests that multiple non-indigenous cultures may have visited the island as a sacred site for at least 1,800 years. Magnetic data suggests that there are deep tunnels passing under the island.

Tim Loncarich has been a fan of the SSE since the early 1990s and is a self-trained scientist with an interest in geo-energetics, consciousness, anomalous phenomenon, quantum physics, and remote viewing. As a successful entrepreneur, he employs several full-time scientists and engineers and conducts and sponsors R&D in a number of fields with labs in Asia, Latin America, and North America.

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Published on February 2, 2024