An Open-Ended ConversationwithPaul H. Smith

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paul h smith reading the enemy's mind russell targ harold puthoff mind-reach jacques vallee dimensions: a casebook of alien contact arthur c clarke 3001: the final odyssey david j chalmers the character of consciousness joseph levine purple haze: the puzzle of consciousness bernardo kastrup the idea of the world curt ducasse nature mind and death kurt gödel on formally undecidable propositions of principia mathematica and related systems bertrand russell the problems of philosophy ingo swann to kiss earth goodbye

Paul H. Smith, PhD, has served twice as president of the International Remote Viewing Association an organization of which he is a founder. A former Army intelligence officer, he served for seven years as part of the military’s top-secret remote viewing program. He is author of Reading the Enemy’s Mind and The Essential Guide to Remote Viewing. He currently serves as president and chief trainer for Remote Viewing Instructional Services. His website is

This wide-ranging conversation begins with an evaluation of the prospects for those considering professional careers in the field of remote viewing. The discussion moves toward a consideration of UAPs. Paul explains that he is most excited by the possibility that the empirical findings of remote viewing will contribute to our understanding of consciousness.

(Recorded November 25, 2020)


Published on December 11, 2020


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