An Academic in UFOland: The Search for the Mysterious Dr. Morin | Joseph Buchman

An Academic in UFOland: The Search for the Mysterious Dr. Morin

Joseph Buchman

An Academic in UFOland: The Search for the Mysterious Dr. Morin and other facts, fictions, fabrications, and fantasies found during a two-year long critical contextual analysis of, and attempt to provide citations to and references for, 30 hours of testimony given under oath to six former Members of the United States Congress during the five-day 2013 Washington DC-based Citizen Hearing on Disclosure.

In late April and early May 2013 five former United States Representatives and one former United States Senator, heard the testimony of 43 witnesses from ten different nations regarding human contact with apparent non-human created, extraterrestrial technology. Witnesses included officials from the Federal Aviation Administration, a former Canadian Minister of Defence, pilots, military radar operators, Roswell’s Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Dr. Jesse Marcel, MD, Jesse Marcel III, Denice Marcel, Don Schmitt, Stan Friedman, Kevin Randle, and various other researchers. Approximately 250,000 words of testimony were recorded.

Following the production of a verbatim “Congressional-Record-like” transcript of the Hearing, each statement of fact presented by each witness was either verified with citation to an original source and/or an annotated explication of the attempts to verify the fact was created. Testimony was subjected to verifying analysis, including corrections of understandable misstatements of fact, as well as citations to sources which either corroborate evidence presented and/or explicate apparent fraudulent, fabricated or otherwise unverifiable statements provided witnesses whose testimony, given under oath, is then of questionable credibility.

Dr. Buchman’s presentation will provide video highlights from the Hearing, a critical analysis of the relative veracity of select portions of the testimony given and the inside story of how the Hearings came to be.

“The person who was chiefly responsible for this Citizen Hearing Committee coming together, which I can assure you in my wildest dreams I did not think possible . . . was Dr. Joseph Buchman.” — Stephen Bassett, Executive Director, Paradigm Research Group, Washington DC. 3 May 2013.

Recorded at the Society for Scientific Exploration Conference in Boulder, Colorado 2016.

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Published on November 22, 2018