Activating Psi Dreaming | Dale E. Graff

Activating Psi Dreaming − Research Methods and Application Potential

Dale E. Graff

Psi-Seminars-Initiatives, Hamburg, PA USA

What is psi dreaming? How can individuals experience psi dreams? How can psi dreaming be researched and evaluated scientifically? What can we do with psi dreaming? How can psi dreaming be understood relative to other forms of psi, such as remote viewing and some types of intuition?

This workshop is an opportunity to discover the application potential of psi dreaming. Guidelines for performing psi dream research and strategies that facilitate psi dreaming are provided with methods for evaluating psi dreams from a scientific perspective. A variety of psi dream research results show evidence for the reality of psi dreaming. Independent psi dream investigations and validated spontaneous psi dreams illustrate the utility and limitations of psi dreaming. Potential concepts on how psi dreaming occurs and how psi dream imagery is constructed and interpreted will be explored. Exercises to assist in dream recall are practiced during the workshop. A psi dreaming experiment for a designated picture will be available during the conference with results reviewed during the Friday workshop. Recommendations on how to achieve a psi dream for the target picture will be provided during the first day of the conference on June 20.

Facilitator: Dale E. Graff, M.S. Physics, has been conducting psi and psi dreaming workshops for the past 25 years at conferences and organizations, including the Rhine Research Center (RRC) in Durham, NC. He is an active member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) and facilitator for IASD’s psi dreaming events. He was a for- mer Director of Stargate, the US Department of Defense Program for research and applications of remote viewing (RV), an aspect of extrasensory perception (ESP). Currently he pursues independent research in precognitive dreaming and explores connections with Associative Remote Viewing (ARV).

Recorded at the Society for Scientific Exploration Conference in Boulder, Colorado 2016.

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Published on November 22, 2018