A New Yet Ancient Foundation for Scientific Research | Dianne Cheryl Trussell

Introduction: Here is a proposal for viewing differently the concept of consciousness and all fields of scientific research, by reintegrating the Ageless Wisdom teachings with modern science. The proposal is founded on evidence from diverse sources, personal and third-party experiences, intuitive realizations, and unexpected experimental results.

Why is the concept of consciousness fundamental to all scientific research? All scientific research conceived and conducted by humans must by definition exist within the medium of consciousness. Quantum physics has taught us this! What we have observed about consciousness so far covers all the bases: non-locality, ubiquity, entanglement, hypothesized primacy, and energy-like effects on forms, patterns and processes.

The Ageless Wisdom teachings. The tenets of the Ageless Wisdom teachings about the nature of man, the universe, levels of consciousness, and indeed all of science, pre-date our modern discoveries, clarify them, confirm some of them, and help resolve persistent conundrums. The Ageless Wisdom is “ageless” because it is an ongoing, systematized science based on human inner experience, experiment, observation, and intuition that spans thousands of years. It is time that we marry it with modern scientific research to advance our understanding and methodologies on many currently hard problems and explanatory gaps, particularly in the psychological, parapsychological, biological, and sociological sciences.

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Published on August 30, 2023