20 Years of Vital Force Technology | Igor Nazarov

Introduction: Dr. Yury Kronn spent the last thirty years of his life exploring different aspects of subtle energy that led him, in 2000, to the invention of Vital Force Technology. This technology allows for capturing “blueprints” of subtle energy, using noise in the region of existing sound waves as their carrier. Dr. Kronn conducted numerous experiments working with different labs at a variety of institutions and showed that products processed with VFT can beneficially affect humans, animals, and plants on the physical, cellular, and even genetic level (Kronn, 2016). In 2017, a new approach using a region of the visible light spectrum, instead of the sound wave range, was put under trial. An experimental setup based on the non-linear qualities of light (Butylkin, 1989)—the Multidimensional Imaging System (MIG)—was created. Various tests demonstrated that MIG Technology is capable of successfully capturing subtle energy blueprints.

Methods: Vital Force Technology (VFT) is capable of capturing a subtle energy pattern coming from the electrically modulated gas discharge of specific inert gasses and of recording this as noise with the help of a high-quality audio-processing system. The subsequent audio signal playback through powerful electromagnets allows for processing a selected sample, providing it with the qualities of the subtle energy blueprints. MIG Technology functionally mimics VFT, with the only difference being, instead of using the sound wave range of frequencies, it works in the region of light spectrum wavelengths.

Results: Four years of a study comparing sound waves with light spectrum waves, when both are used as carriers of subtle energy blueprints, has shown that products created with the help of both methods work the same way. Some samples occurred to be more effective for human well-being when the two methods are combined, especially when the blueprints are taken from plants. MIG Technology has demonstrated greater effectiveness in creating a long-lived macroscopic entanglement.

Discussion: One of the driving forces behind both technologies is a well-known model describing how the three-dimensional material world, which science mainly explores, is the last resort of the multi-dimensional Multiverse that “squeezes” itself into the dense condition of our existence. It is hypothesized that the material world is constructed according to the “blueprints” of the higher dimensions that we can call the subtle world. If this is correct, then every object we deal with in the material world has as an integral part of these blueprints. By finding out how to attune to these blueprints, record them, and then impose them enhanced on different objects, we could then be able to beneficially change these objects and their qualities.

During his life, Dr. Kronn, experimenting with people known to be sensitive testers, found that some combinations of the gas discharge recorded through specific filters, when modulated with the current of particular frequencies swept with distinct speeds (VFT), can positively affect human mood and health. Experimenting further, he enhanced the effectiveness of his experimental setup configuration by increasing the signal-to-noise ratio using a special filtering system. This allowed Dr. Kronn to record not only a powerful subtle energy signal coming from the gas discharge but also to capture subtle energy blueprints of practically any object. This breakthrough brought forward the necessity of further shielding experiments from environmental noises (Kronn, 2019).

The next generation of subtle energy technology switched from sound waves to the light spectrum of waves (MIG). Light technology was discovered to be more effective in creating a long-lived macroscopic entanglement, which is now being used for EMF protective devices entangled with the ionosphere vibrations—Schumann resonance frequencies (Nazarov, 2019).

It is hypothesized that other parts of the wavelength spectrum characteristic of the human sensory apparatus may also work in the same fashion, revealing new features of subtle energy. More research is needed to improve our understanding of the relationship between subtle energy and the Multiverse.

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Published on June 12, 2023