Kundalini Awakening: Esoteric practices, Jungian Psychology, Paganism

In this episode, we tackle the ancient and powerful practice of Kundalini Yoga, tracing its roots from the sacred Upanishads of the first millennium BCE to its contemporary role in Western esotericism. Discover how Kundalini, often envisioned as a dormant serpentine force at the base of the spine, has been integrated into modern spiritual practices, transforming lives through its profound psycho-spiritual benefits.

We explore how Kundalini Yoga has evolved through the ages, influenced by the teachings of notable figures like T. Krishnamacharya and Yogi Bhajan, and how it has been adapted into the practices of contemporary witches, Pagans, and occultists. We’ll also examine the significant impact of Carl Jung’s ideas on individuation and the integration of the unconscious, which resonate deeply with the transformative journey of Kundalini awakening.


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00:00 Introduction: Kundalini is a Yogic Path

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01:24 Kundalini Roots and Origins

02:39 Kundalini Yoga Introduced to the West

03:06 Psychological and Physiological Impacts of Kundalini

03:49 The Influence of the Book “The Serpent Power.”

04:57 Kundalini Influences Western Thought

06:35 The Range of Kundalini Practice

08:28 Kundalini and Health

09:17 Prabhuji’s Book “Kundalini Yoga: The Power is in You”

10:39 Kundalini in Contemporary Communities

11:41 Kundalini in Sex Magic

12:07 Kundalini Blended with Modern Esoteric Practices

13:29 Support Angela’s Symposium

️ Copyright of Dr Angela Puca, in all of its parts ️

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Published on June 16, 2024