King Lear and the Power of TragedywithJames P. Driscoll

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james driscoll the unfolding god of jung and milton

James P. Driscoll, PhD, is one of the foremost critics of Renaissance literature from a Jungian perspective. He is author of Identity in Shakespearean Drama and The Unfolding God of Jung and Milton.

Here he maintains that, since the ancient Greeks, literary critics have consistently viewed tragedy as the highest literary art form. This is because tragedy reveals the nobility of the human spirit in the face of evil and disaster. And, for centuries, critics have acclaimed King Lear as the greatest of all tragedies written in any language. Driscoll claims that King Lear’s strength lies in the fact that it reveals the many faces of the godhead in the western tradition.

(Recorded on July 23, 2017)

Published on July 30, 2017


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