Jim Hickman’s Reflections of Stanley Krippner

In this archival, never-before-publicly-seen video from 2004 (recorded and produced by Tamara Gurbis / Phenomenal Films LLC), Jim Hickman reflects on his relationship with Stanley Krippner going back to 1969 — when Jim worked at the Maimonides Hospital Dream Laboratory with Stan. With Stan’s encouragement, Jim began working in the area of Kirlian photography and managed to capture some uncanny images with the Israel psychic, Uri Geller. Jim also travelled to the then Soviet Union with Stan Krippner to report on his research. Eventually, he served as a cofounder of the Esalen Institute’s Soviet-American friendship program — and became a leader in the citizen’s diplomacy movement that helped pave the way for a more cooperative relationship between the U.S. and Russia.

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Published on September 1, 2019


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