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Dr. Wellington Zangari presents his paper “Incorporating Roles: The Psychosocial Dimension of the Embodiment of Spirits among Umbanda Mediums”. The paper analyzes the psychosocial dimension of mediumship related to the embodiment of spirits, from the point of view of Hjalmar Sundén's Role Theory. The subjects studied were 12 Umbanda mediums, 11 of whom were female and 1 male, between 16 and 61 years-of-age, all participants of the Spiritist Temple of Umbanda Xangô Agodô, in São Paulo, Brazil. It is concluded that mediumship which includes the embodiment of “spirits” can be understood as a complex social role that is comprised of both social and individual elements. The “incorporated” entities are considered to be psychosocial constructs, therefore the mediums are, at the same time, their interpreters and their co-authors.

“Parapsychology and Psychology: An Introduction” by Carlos S. Alvarado, Ph.D., January 19th, 2020

Abstract: This presentation summarizes aspects of the relationship between parapsychology and psychology. In addition to a common history with psychology, it is argued that parapsychological phenomena are psychological phenomena and part of the realm of psychology. This is supported by the results of experimental and survey research relating ESP and other phenomena to personality and [...]